Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chasing Perfection.

Wall size mirror surrounding my hurting ego
Cameras stay put waiting for over usage
Vanity completes the perfect crime I commit
As I seek for perfection every moment of this life.

Every minute is a mirror routine
Seems like every way is a T-stage to ramp on
Feels as if daily is a fashion show
Celebrity and model the way I project on.

Come forward to take a closer look
See the imperfections that I hate to have
Scars of the past, unerasable marks
Trying hard to escape the unlimited flaws which lies within.

Frustrated and desperate to be loved 100%
Perfectionist dies with a single failure happened
No matter what I do, being perfect is impossible
Because I'm just a fool who believes that I can chase perfection.
-kenkun original, 12-10-10, 9:53 PM, room 503 D.G. Dormitory

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