Thursday, March 28, 2013

Man up.

Vice President for Administrative Affairs '12-'13

It maybe a roller coaster ride but in the end you'll realize how worth it riding this EcoSoc's roller coaster was.

I am Kenneth Russel V. Castillo, UST-Economics Society's Vice President for Administrative Affairs '12-'13.

"Ang inyong piloto sa katuparan ng mga plano."


The 4E2 Class President.

It's been 2 years guys and now that we have reached the climax of our student life I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

Thank you for trusting me to be your class president. It has been an honor and will always be an honor to lead this great section.
The BEST section! The benchmark! The Champion!

I hope I gave justice to the 4E2 class president's position. You have no idea guys on how proud I am to our section.

Thank you for memorable days that we've spent in rooms 320, 319 and 322.


This has been Kenneth Russel V. Castillo the 4E2 aclass president '11-'13 NOW SIGNING OFF. Thank you so much! :)

The other side of the bed*

It's funny how it started sweet
Sorry for it ended up bitter
You chose our fairytale ending
One thing's for sure, it is not a happily ever after.
You used to love me more than anything
A year, two months, and a 14-day memory*
Thank you for everything
Thank you for the pain.

Though it is too much to handle
I have God to never feel the paddle
I thank Him for some real good friends
Who never left my side during the dark days.

I used to be the perfect one
But now the feeling is gone
All I can do is run
To let you go and move on.

Now I'm sleeping on the other side of the bed.

kencastillo original
copyright on board
12:08 AM 
Monte Carlo Suites, 506