Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Confessions of a Black Toblerone

I love you... (so much!)
I don't know when and where it started
I can't stop thinking about you even for a minute
Heaven happened just a year ago
You and me in a chat room full of happiness
Every Friday chatting with you was my routine
Sometimes its been a happy ride
But sometimes I've waited till midnight for your message that didn't came.

I don't know what I've saw in you, I mean you're spoiled, cute, freak...=)
It seems like you're a drug...I'm addicted to you
For days and weeks that I've watched you pass by
It's been you all alone filling out my mind
Buts days gone by you turned out to be so cold
That our often talks has gone to never
Still I wait for you till this very moment
That you're coming up and greeting me "Hey."

Everyday my eyes pass through our window
To watch you walk into the hallways I'd walked to.
There are days that I saw you smiling
And there are days that I saw you in a hurry
Playing computer games late at night
So either the morning or in the afternoon time chased you for being late.

There are times that I walked alone on the long, dark highway
Because in the end, I know that I can see you looking back at me
So to be honest, I say that I made alibis just to take a glimpse at you
And there was this night that we've been door to door
It's when you're entering while I'm going out through the other door
When I looked back I saw your face in confusion
Asking: What am I doing on the road by that time of the night.
I said-on my mind "Here is where and when love want me to be."

From days, weeks, and to months
That we didn't talk to each other
it's not been easier for me to face it all
Every moment I see you around me is like I'm being guillotined
But I used to learn in this daily routine.
I smile and laugh a lot 'coz everyone expects me to be okay.
That no one even notice that my smile was just a tattoo
Like nothing can erase you from this heart of mine.

I've been tired all these days waiting
From morning till midnight for someone who didn't bother to come
But anyway your technique was effective
'Coz I let you go and you're free now!
In my eyes you're not special like before
Now that you're just another pretty face I've met in school
I can say that I'm proud of myself
That I can let go someone I really love.

And at last I'm vindicated from being love's prisoner
That I can say now that I don't care anymore.
---kenkun originals...:)

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