Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a regular dawn schedule: frostbites

clock ticked pointing to three
midnight of the devil has begun
i was awaken by a rooster's call
get up and get ready it said.

swallowing noisy crackers at the kitchen
brushed my teeth and my tongue to clean
entered the bathroom for a bath
washing off yesterday's dirt.

rinse the bubbles straight to the drainage
towel dry my body, project the mirror reflection
put on my clothes as well as my shoes
waxed hair and sprayed cologne for finishing.

deserted highways, streetlamps standing still
people sleeping, the dawn is breaking
waiting for the bus to come and ride me to the Avenue
as endless as forever, at last the bus finally showed up.

sleeping at the bus was my favorite routine
frostbites are coming start possessing my body
several minutes my caricature began to shake
freezing cold, pull me out of this place.

hopped out of that vehicle
looked up at the traffic lights to shift colors
walked as fast as my feet can
'cause coldness chasing after me but i won't surrender.

two more traffic lights to pass by
to reach my safe haven in this city
sun is slowly taking its peek
dim, lonely road is where i walked through

key sounds can be heard on the silent lobby
opening the wooden door to start this all over
turned on room light welcomed me back
hello Manila, hello UST, hello hard life.
-kenkun orig.

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