Sunday, September 6, 2009

white lie.

its Sunday.
September 6, 2009
I have an appointment in Manila for COMACH.
the call time is 7 I should be at the bus by 4:30 am so I will not be late but unfortunately there are no buses passing I started cramming.
actually it's a rainy dawn.

yea! I think it's already 5 am when the bus finally showed up.
I tried sleeping in the bus but I can't i dunno why.

then when I was in the half of the trip.
Bion called up laughing at me because I'm cramming up for nothing because the LTS 2 was postponed so there's no point in rushing. He asked me if I want to go to MOA I said yes because if I'll come back home my mom will get mad and will force me to quit the org. so for the goodness sake I decided not to come back home.

I arrived at Manila by past 7 I think and I went to my dorm first to drag some things in my bag.Then I proceeded to Jolibee Tayuman where Bion and I will meet up.
Then we went up to the LRT (line 1) for our tickets and for the ride to EDSA station.Then we lost.XD so we have to walk up back so we can go to the other side of the road.My foot already hurts that time.

Fortunately this time we got the right path.We rode a cab to MOA.
Since it is too early for the mall to open we just went near the sea while waiting for mall hours.We enjoyed the ambiance of fresh air but it is raining so it's a hassle for us enjoying the scenic place.He took photographs of whatever he sees.xD

At last! the mall is already open.yey! we can stroll.Like what I expect we
walk-walk and walk.
endless strolling! it's fun and enjoyable though our feet aches.

We ate at the mall food court because I crave for shawarma! weee!!! then we stroll again.We look for the bag and talked about several things (Cathrina.xD, ex? x| amp,and other funny things)

then we bought some chocolates and other foods.
by 2 pm we went to Dapitan because he wants to see my dorm.
then we take a rest and ate.xD

I'm such a bad liar before but I think I'm getting used to it.xD
Does committing white lies good???
*i think so.xD

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