Saturday, June 20, 2009

first week at UST.

June 14-20, 2009

~ayun hinatid ako ni kuya.
~nakilala si Sherina at Cathy
~'nung gabi nag-nose bleed.natatakot kasi ako I feel something strange that time.That was the first nose bleed in my entire life! swear! I didn't eve noticed that the blood is flowing.

~go to UST but there is no classes.fortunately I knew that there's no classes so I didn't wore my uniform unlike the others.
~uh I just wandered around the campus.

~my first day of school.
~I don't feel any nervous.
~I walked up to the fourth floor because our classroom was located there by the way it's room 407.
~the Theology teacher didn't came.uh I met lots of people.thanks to Grace
~I also met my new professors.
~I went to the library for our first assignment honestly I was astounded when I heard the teacher dictating an assignment. I mean on first day?!
~I ate lunch with ela, donna, ana, and their two other friends


~I met another set of professors.
~I studied in the library with russel.

~nikki went home
~I'd met ate natalie for the books.
~I saw chamie
~I helped sherina in the library up to its closing time which is 8 pm

~sherina gone home
~I was left alone
~I felt envy
~I went to the library

~I bond with my classmates outside our room because one of our profs was absent.
~I played with joy.paluan! haha.:))
~I have lunch with domz,hya,roe,kathy at jollibee.
~I went home.

there's so much more to watch out for.
I'm curretly enjoying my college life though it's exhausting.

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