Friday, August 8, 2008

sonnet 22 (time won't heal my broken heart)

How do I overcome hurt?
Let us see day to day.
I breakdown and cry but no one's there to cure.
I shouted out so loud on Monday,
but I felt like nobody's here to care.
So that no one can see me dying deep inside,
i started pretending on
I still continued pretending like nothing happened after that nightmare day.
I don't understand myself, why I cannot share?
With the people I share with my life everyday, that's the reason why I felt like nobody's there.
My tears started to fall in public for the reason I kept all the pain inside, since that day
I realized what have you done to me, you're such a PREVARICATOR! On Friday,
It really hurts like hell
you smiling like you didn't hurt anyone!
I was thankful because I will not see you and forget you on Sunday.
It'd been a week,
feeling blue and ignorant in front of everyone.
Since that nightmare day of my life up to the present day, and up to the upcoming day.
I know that time won't heal the broken hearted me, caused by someone.

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