Friday, August 8, 2008

one rainy afternoon

I am actually sleepy this afternoon because of the coldness that rain brought to the wind that are colliding into my face and body,

I felt cold but it was good because cold and rainy weather is better than a hot,sad weather.

Honestly, i love rain for the reason that no one will gonna see me crying while walking in the road that was full of sad memories..,

Does crying always meant by just falling of tears?
well,i guess not, because crying could also be inside of you without anyone hearing that you're shouting out loud to overcome all!

There is also a reason for me to hate rain.It is the thing that you should bring your umbrella to keep you dry but when i saw my friends without any umbrella. I want to share them my umbrella but we won't fit, right? Because my umbrella is so small..duh!

I hate seeing the people i love so wet in the rain.

I would rather join them hanging with rain than see myself dry under the umbrella..,

I wished that the person I cherished is okay at this time
and how I wished...

I will be your friend..


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