Tuesday, March 3, 2009

refusing the tempter.

minutes before midnight
I'm lying on unfamiliar bed
uncomfortably changing in various positions
the tempter is just near
in my head or in my ears i think
it's forcing me to commit another sin
a deadly sin that I used to do

under the blanket I hide
for thinking to escape the one who hunts me
but still I wasn't able to escape
I shut my ears out for not to hear what the devil said
but the evil force himself deep inside me

i pray to God
to save me from this sin
villain that fills my confused ego
He helped me not to be the devil's victim
so the tempter flew away from the scene
that his plan was ruined.
that I have God sitting beside me.
protecting me from you oh devil!

then I've gone to my deep sleep.

note: this is based on my experience and it is originally made by me.=]

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