Wednesday, January 21, 2009

you saved me seven-eleven! (kuya ito na 'ung poem na ginawa ko)

that was an exhausting day
thinking, waiting and loving
as I got home I just opened the PC
opening my messenger not having the mood
I just accept everything not even bother to read

the night came,
addiction hits me once again
so I turned the computer on
checking on the messenger
then someone just send me an instant message

I don't know who is it
but it's kind and very welcoming
he's a stranger to me
but I don't feel any fear
he seems strange but tame

another thing that I'd love is you're friendly
that changed my outlook to city people
that you from a top university
I'm looking forward to my future
could be this kind and good to me

you used to remind me of someone
but this one is better, know why?
simple...he's REAL!
I felt very comfortable every time I talk to you
like, we've been together for a long time

considered as a hero
for saving me from being a prisoner
vindicated me from painful circumstances
enticing me to stand up once again
to stare at the sun without any single regret

treat like a brother to me
listen to every word my heart shouts
my strength whenever I feel weak
a shield from the night's cold wind
my protection to everything that might hurt me

you taught me to trust once again
showing me how true you are
comforting me when you need to
you seems like a brother that I've been looking for
a perfect one that keeps me from smiling

almost a month of conversation
everyday you take my breath away
with every word that I'll never forget
for every secrets we've shared
will last forever in a special place in my heart

there are times that I've felt you don't care
are you tired of taking care and listening to my nonsense life?
I'm sorry for being a greedy attention seeker
it just feels too cold not having you here
making my day and everything's okay

thanking you is the thing I'll love to do
for happiness that you've brought to me
bringing back the enthusiastic ego
I'll never let you go and leave me cold
'coz if that happened, I will not hesitate
to bring my life to its end.

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