Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Psychoneurotically Disturbed.

Zodiac will tell the end of this story of imaginary "us".
Undying love now and will always be part of my humanity
Reminiscing forever that I wish I can leave frozen
Crush as where all love starts, then it missed to fade
An unrequited love tastes like poisoned apple.
Loser as usual in this love offered game
Ever since I wanted to stop this sh*t, I swear
Don't make me feel special, Oh I forgot this' only possible in my thoughts
Zone forbidden from things to happen happily ever after.
Erasing you in my heart is another difficult story to write
Picking up my broken pieces to stand up and fake a smile
Over fatigue, shouts that you never heard
Letting you go is never been an easy task
No way to reality but in dreams you're always there.
Holding on something that can only happen in fantasy
Overwhelming me, you never fail to take my breath away
Joking myself that things will be fine and picture perfect
Out of your knowledge my heart tear into pieces.
Loving you more each and everyday
Running, screaming, trying to escape the fate
After tormenting myself, I still can't let you go
Can you really be the perfect one?
kenkun orig.

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