Sunday, October 17, 2010

Now that I'm 18.

Years flew so fast blown by the wind of time. It was like yesterday's dream that I'm on my 18th year on the face of the Earth. I can vividly remember the things that I have done if it is happiness, a mournful circumstance, a first time experience, and of course those that I do every single day of my life. Eighteen years seems so fast, but a lot of trials and challenges that I've faced and test my humanity all by myself to reach where and who I am now.

August 25, 1992, a cry of a baby boy gave bliss to those who love and waited for him for almost 9 months. Eighteen years ago...Eighteen years. Still lots of life's lesson waiting to be unfold and to be learned. The age of majority.OMG I can go to jail! But I'll never let that happen. I won't make my eighteen years of stay for that. Never an option. O don't want another mistake, another regret! I'm now, evolved through time, improved by the hindrances and I've changed for the better and definitely not for the worst.

 At exactly 12:00 am of August 25, 2010, a better, matured, tougher, braver, wiser Kenneth was born. 

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